Torus members are lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and business consultants running their own professional practices throughout Europe. Their practices are small to medium sized and therefore they have a need for professional expertise outside their own firms when it comes to international business. As Torus members meet at conferences twice a year, they know colleagues in all three professions across the continent which reassures them they can entrust their clients’ business to other members.

Associate members tend to be either professionals involved in academic work or those who have retired from full time private practice and yet still wish or need to keep up international contacts. For full details of the benefits and requirements of membership, please see Rules of Torus.

To summarise, members are:

  • Lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, business consultants
  • Based throughout Eastern and Western Europe
  • Professionally independent small to medium sized firms
  • Able to cooperate with each other for the benefit of clients with international business
  • Able to conduct business in English as well as their mother tongue
  • Committed to going that extra mile for clients
  • Always looking for new opportunities

The Value of Membership

  • We have trusted professionals across the area of our operation
  • We are open to new members
  • We hold an exciting conference twice a year where people can learn, network, go sightseeing and catch up with friends and business colleagues
  • We offer interactive links to other members’ Websites

Membership Conditions

TORUS Membership is not based on exclusivity. However, members having branches and offices in more than one location should be able to contribute to other members’ businesses for mutual benefit. A candidate becomes member upon application supported by written or oral presentation (at a conference), proof of professional liability insurance and practising licence and possibly a suitable recommendation (by a member, or by a client) as required by the Executive Committee. The initialization process is completed by payment of the subscription fee. The normal annual member’s subscription is currently € 500 per member firm.

The Executive Committee may require the following:

  • A copy of your practising certificate/licence to practise
  • A copy of your professional indemnity insurance certificate
  • Details your bank including address, telephone number and email address
  • Details of your academic qualifications
  • Two client references
  • Details of your website

Potential members (without complying with any special requirements) are welcome as Newcomers at all conferences held by TORUS. For special conditions for Newcomers please see the particular conference invitation.