TORUS is an International Association of professional consultants which comprises independent firms of accountants, lawyers, tax advisers and management consultants or comparable professionals carrying on business according to the laws of their country of residence. It values the idea of networking among peers above the hierarchical structure of the larger professional firm. It strives to combine a global approach with the strong local roots of its members.

TORUS supports its members and their clients by providing the co-operation and expertise of a fellow member or colleague wherever there is need for professional help and guidance. TORUS does this by facilitating contact with colleagues who have other spheres of business-related knowledge. It is therefore able to give assistance which otherwise the client may not enjoy owing to the lack of knowledge of another countries’ laws, taxes or business practices. Thus TORUS members and their clients may receive the help of competent and reliable professional firms throughout Europe.

TORUS regards as highly important the readiness of its members to engage in the activities of their Association. TORUS believes that only members who meet and work together on different projects will enjoy the full benefit of TORUS by developing the mutual trust which is so important to the success of a network.

Meeting with peers from related professions and in different countries broadens the horizon of each participant and gives intercultural experience so important in our time of globalisation. That experience is not only helpful to the members but also to their clients.

As a TORUS member you are represented in numerous countries and economic centres without having to open offices abroad.


Torus is an International Association of professional consultants which comprises independent firms of lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and management consultants. Our mission is to provide our clients and each other with a high standard of professional expertise across Europe by:

  • Building strong professional relationships with each other
  • Networking with professionals in countries where existing members do not have expertise
  • Providing our clients with an excellent international service as well as the reassurance of dealing with a trusted adviser in their own country
  • Holding exciting conferences twice a year in different countries giving members and guests an opportunity to learn, discuss business and enjoy themselves


Torus is run by an Executive Committee comprising a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary- General. All those on the Executive Committee are elected annually and are Torus members with the exception of the Secretary General.

The current members of the Executive Committee are:


David Lambert, UK


Fabian Baikhardt, Switzerland

For details of our Code of Ethics, please click here.